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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tree Line 2011

This image was made following a light snow and a touch of fog which eliminated the background distractions.

Note that this is a black and white image which is far superior to the color image from the exact same spot. Ah, the joy of black and white. In this case, color serves no constructive purpose.

I had spotted this image, just a half mile south of Montrose, Colorado, and every time we headed south, I took this site in as a "must do." The concept was overwhelmingly clear, and demanded that a capture would have to be made with specific weather conditions.

In my mind, I pictured a light snow with a washed-out background which would rid the image of the housing development which clearly stood out behind the trees. This concept had been on my hit list for a good two years, and when we started our day, I immediately knew what I had to do, so I headed out to make the capture before the fog and snow dissipated. Well, the snow had let up, but the fog in the background remained, and here is a prime example of pre-visualization at it's best.

To view the image in a larger format, left click on the image.