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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Once a year we head for Wyoming, but this year was different.  It rained for the better part of two weeks.

We left on September second and this was during the same time frame as the destructive flash flooding over along the front range of Colorado. We hit torrential rain just east of Grand Junction, and it followed us all the way through NW Colorado into Wyoming.

We were heading for Dubois, WY where my wife Pat would spend her week attending the Annual SKB Art Conference. I would explore the area and make a few photographs. Fact is, we added an extra week so that we might spend some time together along the back roads and trails. Instead, Mother Nature dictated otherwise, and the rain that followed us into the Cowboy state continued for the better part of two weeks. This is the first time that we have ever seen rain in Dubois, but rain it did, and I ended up spending the better part of two weeks in the trailer with our two dogs and Ringo the cat.

I managed to sneak out for an hour here and an hour there to make a few images of the mountain scenery, but every time I headed out the rain would turn on me. Next to the last day, I hit a sunny morning and this is one of the images I captured to the north of Dubois.

The hiker and his dog entered this photograph quite by accident, and I spotted them coming down the road and waited until they came within range before making this exposure. He had been camping for the better part of two weeks in the back country and when the storms arrived he had to hunker down and spend most of his time in camp. This morning he headed out with his dog, and he said that his food was running low so he had to get going. Fortunately the sky had cleared and he was heading back to his home in Sand Point, Idaho.

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