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Monday, October 15, 2012


Often, a nice image appears right in front of you.

Yesterday, I took Danny and Bella out to the Adobe Hills for a walk and some good runs, and they got both. The temperature has been in the low seventies lately, and the sky was a dark western blue. In other words, a lovely day.

On the way out we passed a corn field and a couple of cottonwoods. I missed this opportunity going in because, at the time, I was not thinking about my camera, which I just happened to place on the back seat of the truck before we left home. This is about a five mile ride and it is an area which we often frequent.

I realized after I passed the scene that this combination of old corn stalks and two old cottonwood trees had real potential so I stopped the truck and backed up about twenty paces and took a second hard look.

The lens, which stays on this camera, is an 18 to 105mm and it is my all-time favorite. Today, I made several exposures right at the 105 point. Perfect!  And naturally, I had the polarizer on the lens. It pretty much stays there for all of my work, but every so often I take it off. All I had to do, following the transfer into my computer, was to chop a little off the top and bottom. Presto!  Done.

The moral to this outing is simple. Always keep your camera with you when you go out for a hike or just to sit on a rock and watch the sun set. There are times, like yesterday when it pays off.

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