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Saturday, April 20, 2013


During my documentary of the Appalachian Mountain People and a way of life which was rapidly disappearing, I made this image of an old mountain cabin. I often carried a second 2 1/4 twin lens which was loaded with a roll of Ektachrome 64 color film for selected images requiring a touch of color.

This image was made just off the Blue Ridge Parkway along the east side of the range, and I stumbled across it during a day hike along the Appalachian Trail. There was a small man-made pond just below the home site, and I used it to capture the cabin and fellow hiker in the red jacket.

There was just enough breeze to ripple the water a bit and that is what added the final touch to this image. And, by the way, the image was always presented upside down. From this negative, I printed a short collector's edition of sepia toned silver images for my growing collection of Appalachian originals.

To view a larger image, left click on the above image.