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Saturday, February 9, 2013


It is time to show Danny off and in a very lovely sticky snow. This image was made up on the Uneompahgre Plateau, just to the west of Montrose, Colorado. We are in the process of building a new home at about the seven thousand foot level and a move is scheduled for about May.

This plateau is just short of being a hundred miles in length and nearly fifty miles across. The highest point reaches a little above ten thousand feet with a full range of trees. In this area where we are standing, it is made up predominately of Juniper and a few scattered pinion pines. And as you gain altitude, you will encounter scrub oak, aspen and ponderosa pine, followed by spruce and lodge pole pine. The area also supports a full range of wildlife including deer, elk, bear, moose, mountain sheep, rabbits and so on. Oh yes, there are mountain lions and a few smaller critters that live in the Colorado high country environment.

I often use a touch of sepia in my black & white images. It adds just a bit of warmth which I find to have eye appeal.

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