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Friday, November 13, 2015


This is yours truly, the photographer, standing in what we call our back yard. We live at about seven thousand feet and have a grand view of the Cimarron Range to the east and the San Juan's to the south. This is a more up-to-date photograph of the artist in his own natural environment. It's nothing but us and the critters. Peace and quiet with all the outdoor amenities we need.

In the background is about a third of our woodpile which was cut right here within a hundred yards of the house. Someone recently asked me what sort of chain saw I used to saw up all this wood. I had to chuckle and showed him my 21 inch bow saw. I also have a twenty four inch which gives me another option for the larger logs.  It was all sawed by hand, the old fashioned way. No noise and little chance of having an accident. I enjoy cutting wood, and consider it to be healthy exercise. Besides, it's fun.

I am almost to the point of being able to say that I am eighty-two years old, and I still enjoy my wanderings with the camera and dogs. Some of my images find their way to this blog, with short essays about the image and where they were made. Feel free to enjoy some of my art work. Some of it goes back at least fifty-five years when film was considered the king of photography.

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To visit my web site and pick up a lot of other good stuff, do a Google search for:  jeffersfineart.com

 It's a bit out of date, but some day I'll give it another going over. It's still filled with a lot of interesting information and a few of my old articles. And yes, some of my old collectable black & whites. They too have found new homes in various museums and institutions.

The city of Montrose, Colorado just recently opened a Railroad Museum, although most of the collectables fall in other categories.  This outdoor display caught my eye. I can actually  remember most of this stuff from my early childhood days and as a teen. I have sharpened an ax on an identical peddle driven grind stone. The circular saw blade is also a familiar piece of equipment. No guard bars in those days. An elderly neighbor who I often helped with his wood cutting accidently put his hand out to stop a fall one day and lost his right hand. You never forget images like that. He did survive but it was a bad experience. This was about sixty five years ago, and I still vividly remember that day on the farm.

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