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Sunday, October 24, 2010


This image was made at about the eight thousand foot level of the Cimarron Range in SW Colorado.


I spotted the concept immediately and went to work. I used the cattails and other foilage in the foreground for starters and then concentrated on the reflections and the bright yellow aspens in the background. It all framed up nicely, and then I waited for a few minutes for the ripples on the pond to settle down a bit, and once all the elements were in place, I made my exposure.


Oh yes, I almost always use a polarizing filter to cut down on unwanted reflections. Notice, I said unwanted, not wanted. The reflections in the pond were just perfect; yet controlled. I also waited for some of the fast-moving clouds to pass over the area to allow direct sunlight to fall directly on the aspens.


If you would like to view a larger image, left click on the photograph.

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