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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Recently, while browsing through the Internet, I happened to check out Amazon.com and stumbled across a copy of APPALACHIAN IMAGES which was published by the Radford University Art Museum back in 2005. The book contains about a hundred images, including a sampling from my more recent Western Portfolio.

A short introduction about the collection was written by Richard A. Straw, Department of History, Radford University.

Only a couple hundred copies were printed and they went on sale during the opening of an exhibition at the university art gallery in 2006 featuring a collection of Jeffers' silver prints.

After noting a used-book price of $129, and a second copy for $142, it became evident that this book is now fetching rare book prices. I had carefully put a few of the remaining books aside following the exhibition, and at this point, I will offer the few remaining copies for $55 each plus five dollars to cover shipping. They have all been signed by the artist.

While I was making the search, I decided to type in APPALACHIAN BYWAYS by Jack Jeffers. Up came another list of copies of my second book which was published in 1984. They had also found their way into a number of book stores specializing in used and new books. Most of the five thousand copies had quickly sold out, but again, I put several boxes aside for future sales.

Heck, I'm not getting any younger, so I am now offering what is left of this printing for fifty dollars per book, and again, I have autographed them all. Five bucks will cover the postage. Each of these books is in mint condition.

Order from info@jeffersfineart.com

To view a larger image of the two rare books click the image with left side of the mouse.

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