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Thursday, November 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I took the dogs for a walk in the vicinity of where the Black Canyon of the Gunnison passes through Peach Valley. I don't know where the name peach came from because as far as I'm concerned, this area is little more than rugged high country desert. The vegetation is basically juniper, pinion pines and cactus. Plus a lot of rock.

You know what? I almost left my camera at home. As much as I continually stress having the camera along, I almost broke my own standing rule.

A group of trail riders and their three mules were just getting set to take off along the trail to do some seasonal trail maintenance. I had barely parked my truck and told the dogs to stay in the vehicle before the group hit the trail. I was in such a hurry that I just grabbed the camera and quick set it to automatic, and when I raised that camera, the leader of the pack was already in my viewfinder. I made three rapid exposures and this was the best. All of the elements are as near perfect as you can get. In fact, having his hand raised added that little something extra.

I chose to present this image as a sepia black and white. You just cannot beat a nice black and white when working in this country at this time of year.

To view a larger presentation, left click on the image above.

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