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Sunday, March 10, 2013

AMOS 1980

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The only thing I remember about this image was the name of the Amish man and where he was from. On one of my trips through central Pennsylvania, I happened to stop and investigate a sheep sheering that was taking place near the town of Elverson. This is when I officially met Amos, and I was granted permission to make this candid image. It is one of my favorite character studies of an Amish man who looked up from his sheering just long enough to give me a chance to make this memorable photograph.

I only made one silver print from this negative.

To view a larger image, click on the illustration above.

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  1. Hello Jack, Thank you for this photo. This is my Father, or rather my foster father. He was a wonderful and hard working man.
    Amos passed away about a year after this photo was taken and this is the only known public photo of Amos.