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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Of all the waterfalls that I have photographed over the years, this is my favorite. It was in a remote location and not too far off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some of my most memorable back packing trips have been to this site. In fact, I often set the tent up about ten paces to the right of where I placed my tripod to make this image.

This photograph was obviously made during fall color, and yes, there were native trout in this stream. I used to grapple for them by hand and corner them under the rocks. I often counted on having at least one for dinner the first night out.  

I was using a 35 mm film camera at the time, and this image was exposed on Ektachrome film. A few years ago, I scanned that transparency, and it is now in my computer, along with a number of other memorable images from the old days.

When photographing scenes such as this, I always preferred cloudy or slightly foggy days. This eliminated the many hot spots that often showed up on the final image because of direct sunlight. And it is obvious that I used a rather slow shutter speed to soften the water coming through the rocks.

To view a larger image, left click on the above illustration.

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