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Sunday, October 16, 2011


This image is a fine example of why it helps to live in an area for a year or so prior to making a major photographic documentary. It gives you a chance to scope out the area. I first spotted this location overlooking the Uncompahgre River and San Juan Range two years ago, and last year about this same time, I thought I had it nailed to the wall, but the color just had not quite reached the point where the image could equal this one which I made two days ago.

It was one of those landscapes which was waiting for me several miles south of town, and that gave me a chance to observe the various color changes over a period of time. I arrived at the site about ten in the morning and here is the end result. All of the elements came together as I had previsualized them.

Many of the images which I posted on this blog were made under similar circumstances, and there are quite a number of landscapes which required me to wait for several years before the lighting and subject matter were as close to perfect as I could ask for.

My trusty fifty-year-old tripod, which has been through many a great adventure over the decades, made it possible to capture this image as planned. And yes, I used a polarizing filter which helped to hold the sky and a few soft clouds together in the background.

Left click on image for larger view.

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