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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Things have been so hectic around these parts that I have never gotten around to posting anything from our recent Wyoming trip. So, what we need right now is a good cowboy photograph, and this one should do the trick.

Pat goes to Dubois every September to attend the SKB ( Susan K. Black Foundation) fine art workshop, and I go along for the ride. Actually, my primary objective is to make new images because Dubois is right in the heart of some of the most beautiful and wildest country you have ever stepped into. A number of my Wyoming images are posted on this blog, but you may have to dig way back to view the lot.


I published a CD book earlier in the year titled MY WYOMING OUTBACK, and I never did get around to plugging in any of my new cowboy images. To answer the WHY question--I did not have any. This most recent trip took care of that situation, and I quickly updated that publication, and it now includes several cowboy and cowboy-related images. The total number of pages is 151, with almost as many photographs and short essays. By any count, this is a good size book.

It will only cost you thirty bucks to find out how good this documentary really is, ( shipping is included) and the images are equal to any table-top book you might have. It does help to have a flat, high-resolution screen to view this work, but CD books are becoming more and more common these days.

You can get in touch with me by using: jack@jeffersfineart.com

Book number two was completed in 2010, and it covers nearly sixty years as an artist. It is titled: FROM THE BLUE RIDGE TO THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY AND BEYOND. That's a long title, but it also has a long list of subject matter, including the last of the mountain people. The price is still thirty bucks (shipping included). Ya can't beat that these days for a high-quality book. It's about the same size as the Wyoming Outback. A lot of vintage images are included in this volumn.

That is my commentary for the day.

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