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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This image was printed in 1998 and hand colored with transparent oils. It was made from a two and a quarter inch negative and it is archival. The size of the original is about sixteen inches square.

The pinion pine was located in the desert of central Wyoming and there was still a bit of wind-blown snow on the ground.

While most of my Appalachian collection has been donated to museums and universities, I have held on to my western collection. In time, it too will be donated to a preselected museum of my choice.

I have been asked about my prices, and I will simply say that for the originals I still have, the prices would range from twenty-five hundred to eight thousand dollars.

All of my work has been limited to a few images per edition, and each original is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. No two originals are identical, and this is because each work of art involves a fresh start, and the toning would vary depending on how I felt on a given day. This not only adds a personal touch, but the collector is assured of having a work of art that is not identical to other prints in the same edition. I was probably one of the first fine art photographers who started making limited editions back during the late sixties. 

 I can recall that there was a lot of bickering and controversy coming from photographers during the early seventies about limiting their work. I felt that it was customary and proper for print makers to limit and document each completed original, regardless of whether it was a photograph or an etching.  Or, for that matter, any other form of printmaking.

I still hold to the same standards today as I did forty-five years ago. I retired from printmaking in 2005.

Jack Jeffers  

  PS:   NO, I do NOT make prints from digital images. I cannot take digital  quite as seriously as I did black and white silver prints. I prefer to view my digital images on a computer screen. HOWEVER, having said that, I do maintain a goodly number of digital images with a stock agency, and I am always open for magazine or book illustrations.

 Just be reminded that I have already completed two books for CD. The first captures the Appalachians and a disappearing way of life which I was able to capture back in the seventies and eighties, The second CD contains my view of the Wyoming Outback. Both books contain numerous stories about my adventures and how many of the images were made.

Visit my web site at:   www. jeffersfineart.com 

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