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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Someone recently asked me who was the oldest subject that I have ever photographed. Well, I think it might just be this old fellow with the fiddle, and what makes this image more believable is the fact that he was still playing that instrument in front of thousands of spectators, I ran across him at the Old Time Fiddler's Convention in Galax, VA. That would have been twenty-three years ago.  He was warming up while sitting on the tailgate of an old car.

I had to work fast to get this image because he was about ready to go on stage, so to heck with the background. Everything about him was perfect, and he did not try to put on an appearance for me. He was the genuine article, and the best I could learn was that he was well into his nineties, and wow, could he ever make that fiddle sing. 

I have one problem with a blog. It is like writing a book backwards, and I am simply not used to that. If you have not viewed this blog in it's entirety, it might be worth your while to go back to the beginning. Some of my best work would be several miles back down the track, but it might well be worth the hike.

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