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Sunday, July 22, 2012

RU CAMPUS Winter 1992

The weather has been so hot this summer across the country that I decided to post a nice refreshing winter image which I made back in Virginia during the winter of '92. I was working at Radford University at the time, and I was constantly on the outlook for images that would fit nicely into the university magazine or some of their promotional brochures. I think I have already posted several images early on in this blog. Check them out.

I had cased this spot out some time prior to the actual exposure you see here. It was made from atop of the thirteenth story of  Muse Hall. What I needed was a nice snow storm and a body or two on the sidewalk. I had to settle for one person, but it all came together just as I had planned. I waited for the individual to reach the exact spot where you see him, and I made the exposure. I previsualized this image and the exposure was made at the decisive moment.

Left click on image to bring up a larger illustration.

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