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Friday, May 13, 2011


This area of Colorado near Delta offers the artist all manner of stunning erosional features, and because of the varied shapes and sizes you can work in either color or black and white.

I chose black and white for this image and toned it just slightly. When I used to print from negatives I always used a sepia toner which combined sulfur with the silver and you could vary the degree of toning depending on your on personal feeling at a given time. Since this was a digital image, I worked with the three primary colors and tweaked it just a little bit. It was just enough to give it a feeling of warmth and I personally like that feeling.

The time of day to visit this area is important. You need strong shadows to give the finished image a strong abstract appearance. And I would strongly recommend fall or early spring because it can get unbearably hot during the summer months. About nine to eleven during the morning is my preference because at this time of year, the sun is already pretty low to the horizon. To me, this is one of those little gems which are scattered around Colorado.

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