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Friday, May 13, 2011


In this dry west-Colorado climate, you can stumble across a lot of interesting dead wood. This happens to be a couple of old Juniper trunks which have survived for decades. No telling how old the trees were before they died, but they caught my eye and I always have this gut feeling about design & composition.

If it looks good at first glance, chances are there's a good image lurking within the mass of old limbs and dead wood. I had this one figured out before I set up the tripod and camera.

There is one thing about being an artist that some people never get. You must practice and develope a feeling for what might look good and what may not. After a spell, you just listen to your gut. Perhaps the biggest mistake people often make with their photography is including too much in one image. Keep it simple and concentrate on what's in your direct field of vision.

I included a lot in this image, but it hangs together as a lovely abstract. I find it to be visually attractive. I went for maximum detail on this old wood, and I used a setting of about 1/25 at f18. And with a telephoto lens, I was able to set up several paces away from the subject and pull out what I mentally envisioned with the telephoto set at about 135mm. I also toned it just a pinch.

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