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Saturday, August 15, 2009



It was January 20 and the wind was blowing about forty MPH. This makes for difficult photography, but the lighting was bright and I had a heavy tripod and a steady hand.

In a case like this, I covered the camera with a clear plastic bag and allowed the lens to cool down to the point where the snow would bounce off the protective filter without melting. For the actual exposure, I would stand between the camera and the wind and quickly jerk the bag off the camera before making the exposure.

I can recall to this day that it was well below freezing and I was working in my down jacket and a pair of gloves with a slit in the palm to allow me to use my bare fingers briefly before they got too cold to feel the advance handle on the camera. I made a bracket of three exposures and that was it. The image clearly speaks for itself and the shutter speed of about a a quarter of a second was slow enough to blur the snowflakes against the trees.

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