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Saturday, August 1, 2009



This image was made while working for Radford University. Next to fall, winter is my favorite month for photography and everything else relating to the great outdoors.

This was a spontaneous exposure but I saw it coming, and no sooner did I get my camera up, everything fell into place, including three big smiles.

It is easy to make the wrong exposure when working in the snow, because the snow, by itself, will give you a false reading. I automatically go down about one+ f-stop to expose for the darker subjects. In a case like this it is the first exposure that counts. No time for bracketing or multiple exposures.

I have always had a dislike for motor drives because it is too easy to use it as a crutch. If I have time for two or more exposures with a moving subject, I will use my right finger to push the release button however many times it is required to achieve my goal. Again, I think in terms of simplicity and gut feeling. If the scene feels right, make the exposure. And keep your eyes focused on the subject.

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