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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yep, this is a far cry from the old lab processing days when I had my hands in the soup and often spent hours making one sepia- toned silver print.

With digital , you are in a totally new world. You no longer think in terms of silver particles; you now think PIXELS. And one must be computer savvy. Above all, you must become a master of many new processes; all related to the world of high tech imagery.

The image you see hanging in the background is a vintage silver print that was made back in the early seventies. This original was made to stand the test of time.

The custom-made canoe paddle to the right was another serious project that I took on back in the seventies. The idea was to come up with a better canoe paddle. This happens to be a double-bladed, multi-laminated design which locks together in the center . I was always thinking of new things to make and the same was true for my camping. My creativity did not stop with photography; that was simply the tip of the iceberg.


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