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Monday, August 3, 2009


Million-Dollar View

From the back patio

I often take a half hour or more to plop down in a relaxing easy chair to watch the evening sun reflecting off the San Juan Mountains to the south.

This particular evening was more special than usual because a large dark cloud mass was moving from the north and the ridge line was starting to light up. Until now, I had been staring at a blank canvas with relaxing thoughts of another kind. I suddenly came out of my own cloud and said WOW!

Normally, I'm not a sunset photographer, but this one had a fine image written all over it. And where was my camera? Packed away in my computer room of course. And where was my tripod? It was still out in the truck awaiting the next field trip. At least I knew where they were and it only took a couple of minutes to set up. This sunset just kept getting better.

I made several exposures as this event came and went, including a couple with the rising moon. I need to wait for a month or two and hope for another cloud mass, because I'd like to have the moon a little closer in to the high peaks, but in from the side a bit more. Beggars cannot be choosy, however, so I will present this one instead. I like it. The odds are slim that all of the same elements will be in place two months from now but who knows. I have beaten the odds many times before.

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