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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was drawn to the Bay when I was a young teenager and it was because of fishing and boating. During the forties, the fish were aplenty and you could go out a short ways in a small boat or a canoe and catch your fill of croaker, spot and trout. The tributaries were loaded with fish. But that was before the commercial fishermen with massive nets and other high tech gadgetry virtually wiped them out. As I grew older, the bay fishing dwindled to nothing. Even the crab and oyster harvests have dwindled.

During the mid seventies I made several photographic trips down to the Reedville area and documented much of the disappearing day to day life of the watermen. I title this image "The last haul" for a good reason. Not only was this family operation coming to an end, but this was literally their last haul before hanging it up for good. They were among the very last to toss in the towel.

This image of Ray Rogers and son was made during August 1975.

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