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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here I am with several of my vintage images. circa 1980

Click on image for larger view.

During the early seventies I developed my own style of mounting, matting and framing, and it has changed very little over the decades.

Instead of mounting my image behind the mat as everyone else does, I elected to mount my image and then make a bevel cut along the print edge which allowed the original to stand out above the inner mat and then place my double mat outside the mounted piece. This results in a three-dimensional presentation, and none of the original ever comes in contact with any of the matting.

Buyers have been quick to note the quality of this style of presentation, and many have tried to duplicate it, but told me later that it was too time consuming and tedious. I have always tried to hold my mat cuts to within a millimeter of the guide lines. I would have to say that, for me, it has been worth the effort and time required. All of my matting was done by hand, the old fashioned way.

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