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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Chesapeake Bay

I spent a couple of days on a converted mine sweeper in order to complete this part of the Chesapeake Portfolio. This was one hot and sweaty place to live and work during mid-August 1975.

This image was taken from a Kodachrome transparency and transferred to a 4 x 5 sheet of Kodalith high contrast film and then converted back to a positive image which you see here. It adds an abstract touch to what was otherwise a rather drab image.

These were menhaden fishermen and the fish were used commercially for oils and dog food; among other things. At the time, the fish were referred to as "junk fish." This is just another reason why sport fishing has rapidly disappeared from the Bay. You set the nets for one fish, but you also catch a lot of other species as well. Many go to waste.

I watched a special on National Geographic a couple of weeks ago and during the course of the documentary, it was said that "Planet earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth." We, as a species, are rapidly destroying, the natural resources including a large percentage of all living creatures and plants. It is sad to watch such destruction.

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