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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ice Storm at Reed's Gap

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA


Click on image for larger and sharper picture

I'm not that well known for my color images, but I made quite a few over the decades. Many have been used in Annual Reports and magazines for covers and filler images.

Just recently, I scanned close to two hundred of my best 2 1/4 transparencies before they deterrorated, and many of them turned out better than the former originals, thanks to some minor adjustments in color. These are now filed away on discs for future use.

Within the past three years my collection of digital images has increased enormously and I now have quite a collecton of fall color from the high country of Colorado and Wyoming, plus many more from the canyon country of Colorado and Utah. I tell people that I am just having fun doing what I enjoy. These are also available for stock art as Hi Res jpegs or tif. Fact is, SuperStock has several hundred of my color and a healty list of Black & White on file.

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