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Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Cimarron Range Colorado

I headed for the high country to the east of us and the purpose was to take in some of the scenic views. Of course I had my camera and the trusty ultra-light fishing gear.

The White Horse just sorta unfolded before my eyes. I anticipated what was to take place. The setting was beautiful and there were several horses feeding in the background, including one white stallion that stood out above the rest.

My first few images included all four or five horses, but the white one just told me to wait and anticipate what would happened next. My dog Jake could not resist the temptation to cool off so there was a slight splash as he jumped into the water to take a good soak. Meanwhile, my camera and tripod were set up and waiting for the next move. At this point, the horses began to move away from the clearing leaving the white all alone. I waited for the remainder to go behind the trees to the left and then made my exposures of the White Horse.

I not only came home with several nice images, but a large enough trout to add to our dinner menu. It was a great day in the Cimarron Range of SW Colorado.

Left click on the image to enlarge this beauty.

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