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Sunday, July 19, 2009



If I absolutely had to select my favorite image from the thousands I have made over the years, this would likely be it. And it would be for a number of personal reasons.

It obviously was the number one image for collectors, and I almost let the edition get away from me before I realized what was happening. I did, however, manage to put two originals aside to remain in my personal collection

The location for this image was the Saint Mary's River Gorge which is located in southern August County, VA. During the terribly floods and landslides generated by Hurricane Camile during the August flood of 1969, this river gorge was changed forever. It was as if it had been flushed by a giant tidal wave. The entire topography changed literally overnight. Many people were killed in the surrounding areas that night and most their bodies were never recovered from their watery graves.

I returned to the Saint Mary's in October 1969 and several times following the flood. Mother Nature has once more taken control.

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